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Data with a K. Your World in Your Hand.

Data with a K is a data analyzing software developed to draw information from any source and compile it, creating a one-stop shop for all your data needs. It also compiles trends and connections in order to empower the user with an understanding of how their life looks on paper and can even generate advice based on their unique information, such as when they can expect to run out of eggs based on how often they buy them, taken from information given through grocery receipts.

Schess Image

Schess. Four-Dimensional Chess.

Chess is already a sophisticated game with a long history of being lauded for its lessons in discipline, tactics, and long-term thinking. We present to you Schess, chess's less elegant but infinitely more fun sibling. A game of Schess can support between 2 and 20 players with the board size varying to accommodate. In this battle-style chess variant, pieces can move up to eight squares at a time, using power-ups like AAAAAAAAAAAA to get a leg up on opponents and "intimidating" skin and hat customizations to strike fear into the hearts of all who stand in your way.